What we know:

The scientific research of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics as well as my long-standing professional experience have shown that the healing of the soul is of immanent importance.

What to do:

We must assume personal responsibility. An important prerequisite for a happy life is the preoccupation with and constructive analysis of our concepts that are deeply anchored in the subconscious. However, a healthy diet, exercise and good social contacts also play an important role.

What to expect:

By working on ourselves, we create the basis for a self-determined life in which we can actively shape our life in an authentic, creative and lively manner. However, this requires us to change in our perspective on life and create our personal paradigm shift.


I offer the following

Support in the constructive change of the personal life path according to the needs of each individual. I can draw on my great wealth of experience to provide support.

Depending on the objectives, I offer individual sessions, workshops and seminars.

The following articles give an insight into my experiences and methods.

Thoughts, various aspects, questions and some answers concerning the human wish for health and happiness.

The holistic treatment of body, mind and spirit – the inner togetherness – is the prerequisite condition for healing.

An opportunity to discover the inner dwelling of our soul.

One possibility for changing our point of view regarding life and making new, constructive decisions.

How we see the world, ourselves and the people around us is our choice and decision.

To what degree is our view of the world an illusion?

How the basic human need for space and belonging to a system dominates our lives.

Talking is silver, silence is gold. Is that really so?

Does the playing dead reflex play a role in our lives?

The connection between communication, health and the conscious mind.

Non-understanding affects our lives more than we realize. What is non-understanding?



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